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July 25, 2012
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Andy's P.O.V

"Now you have my mobile number don't you?"

I smiled as my room mate and best friend, Christian Coma asked me the same question that he had done about less then five minutes ago. Christian was an insanely huge panickier, especially about the safety and welfare of yours truly, but that's what made me love him immensely so.

"Yes Chuppy, For the thousandth time," I chucked and punched him playfully on the arm.
He grinned at me, his hundred  megawatt smile. "I know, I just get so-"
"Panicked? Terrified? Scared?" I teased, arching one plucked eyebrow at him.
He laughed, a great booming sound which echoed off the metal walls of the elevator. "Precisely,"

The elevator came to a smooth stop and the doors slid open to reveal a new Manhattan morning. We stepped out in sync and Christian automatically gripped my upper arm in his hand, I rolled my eyes fondly at his over protective gesture and let him lead me to the double doors which was the entrance to the block of flats that we lived in. He stopped just outside the doors and pulled me close to him.

"Are you sure you don't want me to walk you to work?" he asked, concern laced in his brown eyes, those eyes that could melt any women he wanted, or in Chuppy's case any man.
"I know the way Chuppy, They gave me instructions on how to get there when I accepted the job,"
"Yes but sometimes directions can be proved false," he whispered.
I grinned and enveloped him in a tight hug. "I'll be fine Chuppy,"
His strong arms came around me and crushed me to his body. "Be safe,"

Giving him one last squeeze, we released each other and made our farewells. I watched him go, strolling down the busy Manhattan streets, occasionally he would glance back at me as if reassuring himself that I was still okay. I giggled and waved one last time at him before setting off in the opposite direction as him, towards the office where I was going to be working in.

Breathing in the fresh air I tottered along in the new high heels I had purchased for the job, there was no denying that I didn't look good, I thought as I caught my reflection in one of the shops windows. But unfortunately I wasn't the model here, Christian was, he had moved to Manhattan with me so he could try and pursue his dream. Of course his dream wasn't being a model but he had figured that it would be a good chance to get himself recognised.

Christian certainly had the looks to be a model and defiantly the figure, occasionally when we used to share showers I hadn't been able to resist to glance at his muscular frame. It made me, thin and lanky Andy, look worse then I already was. But even though I was unsure about my body, I still had the looks of a Russian doll according to my Dad. When I was little my dad used to toss me into the air and catch me then when my face was bright red from his playfulness, he would tickle me and croon;

"You look like a Russian doll with cheeks as rosy as that! What a little beauty you are!"

My heart clenched at the memory of my father, I missed him so much and I knew mum did too, she always tried to hide it with each new husband she got, but I always knew she really never had got over my dad. I was abruptly jerked out of my thoughts as a cab screeched to a stop in front of me, the cab driver leaned out of the window and started yelling obscenities at me.
"Watch it! I'm walking here!" I shouted at him, flipping him the finger and kicking his bumper as I tottered off.

Some people can be so rude

My subconsciousness mumbled to myself as I pulled my skirt down more. As I looked ahead I saw the tall, looming building of Purdy Enterprises, all the other buildings surrounding it looking small and unimportant compared to the large organisation. Nervously I walked carefully towards the entrance, where two security guards stood. I flashed them my new ID and without saying anything they let me in.

Now that I was standing inside the building, I could see perfectly why Purdy Enterprise' was so popular around here and ranked very highly amongst other businesses in this line of work. Swallowing the small feeling of nervousness that was brewing in my stomach, I walked slowly over to the long line of elevators and stepped into one. The lift was about to ascend when I saw a young looking man making a beeline for the it, automatically I put my hand out to still the closing doors and allowed him to slip in next to me.

"Thanks for that!" he panted cheerily.
"No problem," I replied.
He held out a hand towards me. "Jake, Jake Pitts, I'm the second in command of this place,"
I took the hand he offered to me and shook it. "Andy, Andy Biersack, I believe I'm your secretary,"
"Ah!" he grinned and released my hand. "We've been expecting you, Well I have,"
"I should hope so," I smiled back at him, unable to resist his sunny nature.

The elevator dinged to a stop and we both stepped out.
"If you'd like to follow me," Jake said, extending an arm in the direction of his office. I nodded politely and complied, tottering beside his large frame. As we walked I tried to remember things, so if in the future I needed to get somewhere I would know where to go. I gave up on that idea when Jake lead me around about five different corners until we finally reached his office.

He rested his briefcase on the floor, while he fiddled with the door.
"Blasted door," Jake growled, rattling the piece of wood to the point which I thought it may break.
"Do you mind if I?" I motioned towards the door, which he was shaking to the near point of death.
He stepped back from it and allowed me to jiggle with the handle, which to my joy swung open.
"Well I never," Jake gaped, I blushed and timidly stepped out of his way so he could enter his office.

For the next seven hours or so, me and Jake worked relentlessly. In the end I had taken off my jacket, kicked off my heels and unbuttoned most of my blouse. I was fanning my drained self as the phone rang for the thousandth time this long and weary day.
I picked up the phone and answered it "Hello, Your through to Jake Pitts' secretary, How may I help?"
A masculine voice answered ."Hey, It's Jinxx, Jake knows who I am,"
I held out the phone to Jake, who took it and mouthed 'Who is it'.
"It's Jinxx," I answered, instantly Jakes tired face turned to one of adoration.
"Hey baby," Jake crooned into the phone, putting it on loudspeaker and placing it on the table.
"Jacob Mark Pitts, I hear you have a new secretary, who you have probably worked to death already, have you offered the poor thing some nourishment?" a teasing yet stern Jinxx replied.
"N-No I haven't baby," Jake's face turned guilty and he mouthed 'Sorry' at me.

Jinxx grunted. "Well it's a good job I'm here to save the day,"
Suddenly a loud tapping at the door echoed into the room, it opened to reveal a man, probably the same age as Jake with long back hair and bluey-grey eyes. Jake jumped out of his chair and ran to the man, scooping his small frame into his arms.
Jinxx giggled and pecked Jake on the lips. "I brought Chinese for you guys,"
"Thank you," I shyly input, Jinxx waved a dismissive hand.
"Don't worry," he smiled, de-tangled himself from Jake and handed me a pot of noodles.

I gratefully took it and glanced at the clock.
"Oh, I'm sorry I have to go my friend is picking me up," I babbled and frantically shoved on my heels.
"That's fine, you've worked well today," Jake smiled
I smiled back, grabbing my jacket and bag then half-ran out of the office. Christian was going to kill me, I knew how much he hated it when people were late. I made a beeline for the elevator and sighed in relief as it dinged open, revealing another occupant.

A man stood before me, his shirt half un-tucked and his suit jacket slung over his shoulder in a causal way. He had long black hair, which tumbled messily down to his shoulders and deep, chocolate brown eyes which made my knees weak. He looked like a male supermodel, someone you would find in a perfume commercial not someone who worked in an office. He raised an eyebrow at me and held the elevators doors open for me impatiently.

Shaking myself I walked into the elevator shyly, keeping my head down to hide my red cheeks. The doors closed and I immediately regretted getting inside the lift with him, my body was all to aware of his presence. I was getting hot and sweatier, my blouse sticking to my sweat drenched back, it didn't help that his eyes were on me. Watching me squirm from the intense heat, I sucked in a deep breath as my breathing became ragged, the sex god's lips pulled back in a smile, he was laughing at me. I glared at the floor, resisting the urge to pant, he knew what he was doing to me, he knew the effect he was having upon me and he was laughing!

Finally the doors dinged open and I suppressed a moan of relief, the sex god placed a hand on my back and guided me out the lift. He nodded at me politely then sauntered outside where he climbed into the back of a posh car and drove off. Outside I vaguely saw Chuppy waving his arms at me and motioning for me to hurry up, I kicked my butt in gear and ran outside to him, clambering into his rental car and resting my head on the headrest.

"How was your first day?" he asked as he drove off.

"Tiring-" I whispered, the sex god flashing through my mind. "-and so so so hot,"

Anyway so Chapter 1? :heart:
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